Want to Sit Comfortable on the Bus? These are the best and worst seat positions you need to know.

Bus is one of the most frequently used public transportation. Starting from city buses with makeshift facilities to tourist buses that are quite luxurious. Bus tickets are also cheaper than planes. So if we want to travel to a place that is a bit far away, the bus can be the right choice.

In order for the bus ride to be smoother, we need to know the right seat position. You can have a lot of influence! If you choose the wrong seat, your trip might be uncomfortable and you may even get landsick. Let’s see the following trick!

1. If you want to sit with your legs stretched, choose a seat that is close to the bus aisle. We are also more flexible when we want to go out.
By sitting near the aisle, we can tilt our legs so that it is more flexible. This position is perfect for tall people. Because usually, the distance between a chair and the chair in front of it is not too far, so the legs seem to be depressed. The solution is to choose a position near the aisle. We can also be more flexible if we want to get out when the bus has reached its destination.

2. The safest position is the seat behind the driver. Because if an accident occurs, usually the driver will save people close to him first.
If you sit directly behind him, you can warn the driver to be careful if the bus is going too fast. This position is also considered the safest. Because if an accident occurs, the driver usually tries to save the passengers who are closest to him. Another advantage, we ask “where have you been?” easily to the driver.

3. Avoid the front and back seats on the bus. Because if an accident occurs, the passengers sitting there are the most prone to be victims.
Of course, we don’t expect accidents to happen while traveling by bus. But what’s wrong with being careful? It’s best to avoid the front and back seats. Because usually, collisions occur in that section. Passengers sitting there are even more prone to becoming victims.
If you sit in the front seat, you can really see the scenery freely. But for some people, this position actually makes a headache because they are constantly looking at the scenery on a large scale. If you are a person who gets dizzy easily, avoid this position

4. For those who often get motion sickness, the middle row seat is the most comfortable position. Because in this area, the wheel shock is relatively not too pronounced.
The wheel shock is most pronounced at the front and rear of the bus. So if you sit in the middle, you will feel more comfortable. This position is suitable for people who are prone to motion sickness. Passengers can also sleep soundly in the middle because the wheel shocks are not too pronounced.
Those are the various bus seat positions that we need to know. Some are comfortable for some people, but some are less comfortable. This can be a reference before we buy bus tickets