rainy season


How to Overcome Common Problems in Vehicles During the Rainy Season

Some areas have entered the rainy season. In fact, the intensity is quite frequent, and sometimes lasts all day causing inundation or flooding.

As a car owner, when entering the rainy season, you have to take extra time to do maintenance.

Usually, during the rainy season, problems with your favorite four-wheel also appear, such as mildew, and also rust on the car body due to flooding.

The following are problems in cars that often occur in the rainy season, and how to treat them:

1) Mildew on the Car’s Outer Surface

Rainwater contains acids and dirt which if allowed to dry on the glass surface can leave marks and mold spots.

Not only the glass, the car body also has the potential to appear moldy if exposed to rain and not cleaned.

To prevent this from happening, immediately after it rains you should immediately clean and dry the car and … Read the rest

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