This Hydrogen Fueled Hypercar Can Compete With Lamborghini and Ferrari

If currently the supercar manufacturers in the world are still busy with electric-powered innovations, this is not the case with the British startup company, Viritech, which has introduced their hypercar through the latest technology.

Citing information from New Atlas, Viritech, which uses the name Apricale at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2022, revealed that the hydrogen-powered hypercar is capable of producing even more power than Lamborghini and Ferrari supercars.

Based on the data on paper, this Apricale hypercar is capable of producing 1,000 hp of power. Although the amount of power has been officially announced, the company has not released information on how much torque this technology produces.

Its ability to produce great power is also supported by a fairly light weight. The reason is, based on the specifications released, this hypercar weighs under 1 tonne. Of course, one of the concoctions produced is the use of the ‘Graph Pro’ … Read the rest

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