Want to Sit Comfortable on the Bus? These are the best and worst seat positions you need to know.

Bus is one of the most frequently used public transportation. Starting from city buses with makeshift facilities to tourist buses that are quite luxurious. Bus tickets are also cheaper than planes. So if we want to travel to a place that is a bit far away, the bus can be the right choice.

In order for the bus ride to be smoother, we need to know the right seat position. You can have a lot of influence! If you choose the wrong seat, your trip might be uncomfortable and you may even get landsick. Let’s see the following trick!

1. If you want to sit with your legs stretched, choose a seat that is close to the bus aisle. We are also more flexible when we want to go out.
By sitting near the aisle, we can tilt our legs so that it is more flexible. This position is perfect … Read the rest

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