Keep Safe, Know the Right Conditions to Turn on Hazard Lights on the Road

One of the lights that is rarely used in driving but is important in an emergency is the hazard light. The hazard light is symbolized by a red triangle.

If you are stuck in an emergency, all you have to do is press the hazard light button in the middle of the dashboard. When you press the button, you will find the right and left turn signals will flash simultaneously.

Actually, the use of hazard lights is very easy and simple. But, you can’t use hazard lights carelessly, right! There is a condition if you want to use the lamp.

1. During an Emergency
The use of hazard lights can be applied when the driver is in an emergency. The hazard lights provide a warning symbol for other drivers. Because by turning on the hazard lights, other drivers will know your intent and purpose in stopping the car.

You can use hazard lights when the car is experiencing engine failure or breaking down, a car tire is leaking, in the middle of a trip, to a traffic accident. Hazard lights are very useful in such an emergency.

2. Use when the weather conditions are good
Maybe you often see, many use hazard lights when the weather is bad, such as thick fog and heavy rain. It’s not entirely wrong, indeed, but turning on the hazard lights in such conditions can endanger the safety of you and other drivers, you know.

The reason is, when the hazard lights are active, your car’s turn signal will not function optimally. And when you want to turn right or left, the turn signal is not optimal, it is very dangerous for other motorists.

For that, when in bad weather conditions, you can use the headlights to improve visibility while driving.

3. Do not use it when entering the tunnel
Not infrequently, there are still many drivers who like to turn on the hazard lights when entering a tunnel. In fact, not all tunnels are very low light, and when you turn on the hazard lights in these conditions, it means giving a signal to other drivers that visibility is minimal and the light in the tunnel is very minimal.

By turning on the hazard lights, you can confuse the driver behind you with your intentions and goals. Instead, you can use the car’s headlights or use the twilight lights, so that visibility is maintained.

So, those are the three conditions for the correct and proper use of hazard lights. Once again, try to use these lights in very emergency conditions, yes, so that the safety of other drivers can be maintained.