Finnish Business Companies That Expanded This 2022

Finnish business companies have experienced significant growth in recent years, and 2022 has been no exception. Many Finnish firms have expanded into new markets and sectors, taking advantage of favorable economic conditions and the country’s strong reputation for innovation and reliability.

I will take a look at some of the most successful Finnish business companies that have expanded in 2022 using information sourced from ReviewsBird. The reviews Finnish companies that I featured in this article came from were carefully selected after thorough analyses.

Nokian Tyres

One Finnish company that has made headlines recently is Nokian Tyres which was founded in 1988. It is a leading manufacturer of high-quality tires for passenger cars, trucks, and heavy machinery.

The company has expanded its operations into the North American market, opening a new production facility in Tennessee. The plant is expected to produce more than 4 million tires per year, making it one of the largest tire factories in the region. Nokian’s expansion into the United States is part of a larger strategy to increase its global market share and meet the growing demand for its products.


Another Finnish company that should be on this list is Konecranes. It is a leading manufacturer of cranes and material-handling equipment. Konecranes has expanded its operations into Asia, with a focus on the Chinese market. The company has opened a new production facility in Shanghai, which will produce a range of cranes and other material handling equipment for the local market.

Konecranes has also signed many strategic partnerships with Chinese companies, including a joint venture with CCCC Harbour Crane. The latter is a leading manufacturer of harbor cranes in China. These expansions are expected to significantly increase Konecranes’ presence in the Asian market and further solidify its position as a global leader in the material handling industry.

HMD Global

Finnish technology company HMD Global has also had a successful year in terms of expansion. Founded in 2016, HMD Global is best known for its line of Nokia-branded smartphones and tablets. The company has expanded its operations into new markets; including India and South Africa. HMD Global has also entered into partnerships with major retailers and mobile carriers in these countries, which will help to increase the availability and visibility of its products.

In addition to its expansion into new markets, the company has also released several new products that are getting positive reviews from consumers and industry experts alike.


Valmet is a leading provider of automation and process technology solutions. It expanded its operations into the Middle East and Latin America. Some strategic partnerships were signed to increase its presence and market share.

In addition to its expansion, Valmet has also launched new products and services. And they include a range of advanced automation solutions for the pulp and paper industry. These expansions and innovations are expected to drive Valmet’s growth in the coming years.


This is a Finnish company that is a leader in the energy sector. It has signed partnerships and collaborations with leading companies recently. You can get a range of advanced energy storage solutions and a new line of high-efficiency engines from this business.

In conclusion, various Finnish business companies have had a successful year in terms of expansion in 2022. Companies such as Nokian Tyres, Konecranes, HMD Global, Valmet, and Wärtsilä could not have been successful without taking advantage of the country’s favorable economic conditions.

It is clear that the listed Finnish business companies are well positioned for success on the global stage, and their continued expansion and innovation are a testament to the strength and resilience of the Finnish economy.