Citroen considers the presence of electric cars to be a serious threat

In the midst of the rapid presence of electric cars that are continuously launched by each automotive manufacturer, apparently it does not always have a good impact.

At least, according to Head of Citroen Europe, Arnaud Ribault, the presence of environmentally friendly vehicles will be a real threat to the survival of some models.

Quoting Arnaud Ribault’s statement as reported by Carscoops, he explained that the threat not only had a bad impact on Citroen, but also for other manufacturers.

“It’s really a threat that electrification has increased the price of cars, so people can’t afford to buy cars anymore. This is a real threat, not just about Citroen, so we are increasingly aware of that and are working on it,” explained Arnaud Ribault.

What he said was based on a decision by the European Union parliament, which currently only allows the sale of zero-emission vehicles in Europe after 2035.

In the decision, de facto sales of conventional cars that use gasoline or diesel are no longer allowed. Instead, the car being driven must be electrified to support the carbon neutrality mission in 2050.

Meanwhile, in the electrification segment, Citroen also has a champion who can compete in a healthy manner with several other manufacturers. They have models in every segment, among them the e-C4, e-C4 X, e-Berlingo and the e-SpaceTourer minivan.